Time and Frequency Synchronization for coded Continuous Phase Modulation in doubly selective channel

Academic advisors

Charly Poulliat, Marie-Laure Boucheret and Nathalie Thomas

Industrial Partners

CNES and Thales Alenia Space


Nowadays, UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) must fly in restricted flight area. However, several military and civilian applications should appear with long-distance control in potentially wide area .
Among those applications, we can point out surveillance and/or pollution detection, strategic infrastructure monitoring (energy, transport, communication...). In this context, we need to define a complete communication scheme with UAV for the control link and also the data link.
In this thesis, we will focus on a remote control link by satellite with a possible ground-UAV link. For this system, we will develop a robust and efficient system for varying use conditions depending on the localization of the UAV (the communication channel can be doubly-selective with Doppler effect. This channel is also sparse, which could be use at the receiver.
In this challenging context, we seek to conceive a system which operates as close as possible form the capactiy of those channels by using Continuous Phase Modulation(CPM). The choice of CPM has been taken due to the strong need of spectral effiency and robustness to non-linearity due to the spatial context.

Mind Mapping of the thesis

Les concepts relatives à ma thèse et à la conception d un récepteur pour CPM dans ce contexte particulier sont:
Mind Map Thesis

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